Ombre Hair

I have a natural wavy hair, and these past years, I had it rebonded twice. I liked that it was low maintenance, because you can air-dry it, or leave it wet, and it still looks good, but what I didn’t like is that it dried my hair so much!

I think it was two years ago since I had the rebond treatment, and now, after several trims, my hair went back to its natural wavy state. It is never the same as before. My hair was naturally shiny and smooth before all the treatments I had, and now it is so dry plus the frizz. I guess I just need to do several trims and take care of it with conditioner, and hopefully, it will be near to what it was before.

Photo of Me:

I blurred my face! LOL

Ok, Enough. I want to talk about this hair trend. I guess it started to be famous last year, and according to some fashion websites, it continues to be a trend this year. I am talking about the Ombre (Ohm-Brey) hair.

Here are some photos I got from google:

They are all cute right?

Should I have it too?

Who knows?

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