First time Massage at Laxare Day Spa

Last June 5, Fritz and I went to Laxare (Lak-sa-rey) Day Spa at SM North, to get a massage. It is our first time, and so I made a research on what type of massage we should try before we actually go there. One website said a Swedish massage is recommended for newbies like us.

When we arrive, we were offered a promo, Massage plus Foot spa package, worth 950 pesos each. The Swedish massage alone costs 450, if I recall correctly. We were offered drinks before we get started. It is a choice of hot or iced tea. I think they serve coffee as well.

We had foot spa first. I think the price is worth it, compared to one spa that I usually go to, that offers foot spa alone for about 600++. The girl applied several lotions, and scrubs on my feet and legs. I remember she said it has whitening ingredients, and it feels cool, because the lotion has some peppermint components. It also comes with a pedicure, and you can choose to put nail polish.

After the foot spa, we went inside a room with dim lights and a massage bed. The girl handed a robe, and asked us to remove our top. You can still wear your shorts inside. If you are wearing jeans, they can lend you shorts to wear during the sessions.

During the massage, the lady seems to be well-trained because she really knows where the pressure points are. I heard my muscles “pop” and it felt good. The massage took more than an hour, I think. After the massage, they gave us hot towels to remove excess oils so we don’t feel sticky.

Well, I think I should also give some not so good comments about their spa. The towels have holes on it, and the foot scrubber is worn-out. They need to replace those so that customers would not feel that they are using “rags”. (lol)

Here is a photo during our Foot Spa:


Fritz and I will be having another massage next week. We will be trying out Aromatherapy massage at California Nails and Day Spa in Greenhills. Hopefully, we will have a good, if not better, experience on their spa. I will be doing another review of our spa experience on my my next blogs.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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