My Top Picks for Appetite Suppressants

Since then, I always have problems maintaining my weight. I lose some, I gain more. My metabolism is really very slow, and maybe that is because I don’t have much exercise to boost it.

I came across one website that gave me ideas on what food to eat to suppress my appetite, and my top picks are:

1. Water
2. Potato
3. Veggie Soup
4. Dark Chocolate
5. Tofu
6. Almonds
7. Coffee
8. Avocado
9. Apple
10. Eggs
11. Veggie Salad
12. Green Tea
13. Oatmeal
14. Spinach
15. Salmon or Tuna
16. Skim Milk

With exercise, and proper diet, I hope to achieve my ideal weight. To start off, I may be signing up on a gym class real soon! Yay!


Picture from Google

Thanks for reading!


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