Eyebrow Essentials

I don’t have perfect eyebrows. I was born with thick, unruly, and shapeless brows. I started to shape them way back in high school, and a lot would say that they are too short or “bitin”. It has a cowlick (puyo) at the ends so I have to pluck them so I don’t look like a devil. LOL!

So, lately, I became so obsessed with makeup and skin care. I started looking for the perfect tool to shape my eyebrows.

The first tool I bought is the Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Auto Eyebrow.

I love this product because it is longwearing. I don’t have to reapply, unless I accidentally smudge it. It stays the whole day. I purchased the dark brown shade. It goes with the color of my hair. The only problem I have on this product is that it appears to darken my brows more.

So, the quest for the perfect product continued.

Fritz and I constantly go to SM North to unwind especially on weekends. There is an Etude House branch there that I always see, but I never really went inside to shop. So last time, after we ate at Kimono Ken, I went inside Etude House just in front, for the first time, to check on their products. The first product I looked for is the White eyeliner (Uhm, I had a bad experience on this product, it never really made inside my bag).

Anyway, the Color my Brows product really caught my attention. I grabbed one, and chose the rich brown shade. I also bought a dark brown auto eyebrow liner to go with it.

I am really satisfied with Color my Brows, because it lightened my black brows, and it is very easy to apply. I now have a perfect arch that adds beauty on my face. LOL! I still use the Face Shop eyeliner to shape the ends of my brows. I didn’t like the auto eyebrow liner from Etude House because it easily broke.

Here’s how it looks:

taken from my phone

Will I purchase Color my Brows and Face Shop Auto eyebrow liner again? YES!

Thanks for reading!

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