Unboxing: SaladBox for October 2012

During my free time, I usually read a lot of blogs, and of course, they are beauty blogs! Hihi. I get a lot of emails because I usually subscribe, and I don’t want to miss any of their new posts!

Last September, if I recall correctly, there was a rave about a subscription box here in the Philippines. It is called, Saladbox. I went to their website and joined.

To get the feel of how it works, I got the two-month subscription starter kit. My first box came last October. I got about five different products inside.

Below are the pictures.

Here is the list of products inside:

1. Sakura Foam Hand Sanitizer

2. Packets of Black Beauty Shampoo

3. Mini Sample of BC Fragrance Spiced and Tea room Fragrance

4. Virginia Olsen Eyeshadows

5. Hot Shop Pour Femme

The products I like best are the Virginia Olsen Eyeshadows! (surprised?) LOL. I will be doing a swatch in another post.

To be honest, the products I got were just ok. I expected more than the products I got. I am looking forward to my next box, and that would convince me to subscribe more. Otherwise, I will be looking for another subscription box.

Do you have a Saladbox? What did you like?


Thanks for reading!

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