My Top 3 Favorite Online Stores at

I just thought of sharing with you my Top 3 favorite online shops.

It is very convenient for me to shop online. I usually read reviews of products I want, and then, search for them in

Since most of the products I purchase are beauty cosmetics, the stores I always find the best prices and updated products are Stuff in Style, Kitshop, and Gwyshop.

Stuff in Style is one of the best stores in Multiply that mainly sells beauty products. I found that most of the products are tagged with the best prices, and Ms. Wendy always sends promos through SMS. The products always come on time, and they are carefully wrapped too!

Kitshop has the latest products! I love that they send emails of the updated products that will be available on their site. I am always thrilled when they send those emails because when I go to their site, I have to checkout fast, otherwise, the products will get sold out! The products arrive on time too, and they are also wrapped carefully to prevent damage.

Gwyshop is my first favorite shop. If not for Gwyshop, I would not trust buying online. Before Multiply, I also buy from ebay, but I had some bad experiences from going to that site. Gwyshop has affordable NYX products. The products come wrapped with a cute package too. The products are also delivered on time.

Few tips that I can share would be to look for the Trusted Seller badge. Need I say more? 🙂 Also, it is an added convenience if you will sign up in so that you can just pay easily without entering your credit card number again and again. Also, be very careful in reading the description so that you are 100% sure of the item you are buying.

There you go. Hope you enjoy online shopping as I do.

Take Care and Thanks for dropping by!

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