REVIEW: Evian Facial Spray

It is already the start of the summer season here in the Philippines and I am really feeling it! How? The scorching heat of the sun makes me oh so sweaty, and dehydrated! Of course, it is a must to drink a lot of water to quench our body, but how about our skin? We also need to make sure that our skin is well hydrated and with that said, I want to introduce the Evian Facial Spray, that is out there in the market.

Evian Facial Spray is a natural mineral water that claims to moisturize, refresh and tone. Aside from that, it also helps fix makeup and offers constant freshness and purity. The main ingredients are aqua nitrogen and minerals.

What I love about this is that it instantly moisturizes my face. I also like to go in front of the fan after spraying it because it really cools my face and I love that!

The only negative that I can say about this product is it costs so much. it is 199 pesos ($5) for a 50ml canister at Watsons.

If you would like to have an instant moisture and refreshing facial spray, I recommend for you to try Evian facial spray and let me know if you like it.

Hope this post helps and may you have a wonderful day!

Thanks for reading!

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