Nature Republic

I thought I can keep up with my makeup ban, but I got defeated. I am so weak! I am not yet ready for this kind of challenge. (toink!) But since Multiply messed up most of my favorite makeup stores, I was not able to buy any online, except at the mall. LOL.

Anyway, I had the chance to visit the Nature Republic store that opened at SM North The Block last March. I browsed over the products, but got so overwhelmed, because I really didn’t plan on buying a specific product.

I picked up three products that I am wanted to try. I got a makeup base, a primer, and a makeup remover. Below are some snapshots I took with their descriptions that I got from their website.



Lighting kinda differ (Sorry!)

Lighting kinda differ (Sorry!)

Price: 399.00 pesos

Net Wt. 35ml

  • Formulated with cornflower extract.
  • Gold glitter provides smooth skin.
  • Maintains clear makeup for long time.

NATURE REPUBLIC Vanilla Sky Make-up Base SPF20/PA++


Price: –  (I forgot, but I think it is 399 pesos too.)

Net Wt. 35ml

Colors Available: #01 Vanilla Green & #02 Vanilla Pink

This is a Makeup Base, also known as a Makeup Primer. This product helps you get brighter, even skin tone so that your BB cream or foundation matches better on your skin. Used under your daily foundation or BB creams to brighten & even your skin tone.

  • With sweet Vanilla fragrance.
  • With Natural vanilla extract to protect skin from pollution.
  • Contains Purified South Pacific Polynesian Blue Lagoon water to give skin abundant hydration.
  • With SPF20PA++ to protect your skin from UV Rays.
  • It will cover visible blemishes on your skin as well as keep your skin soft.

Last, but not the least…

NATURE REPUBLIC Magic Lip & Eye Waterproof Make-up Remover


Do you see the two levels of water & oil?


Water & oil mixed together

Net Wt. 110ml

  • With 2 levels of Water and Oil.
  • Cleanses thoroughly even waterproof makeup.
  • Mild cleansing with rosemary leaf extract.
  • Removes waterproof eyeliners, waterproof mascaras, waterproof lip tints etc.

Shake well before use. Use cotton puffs to apply. To remove mascaras and eyeliners, gently press eye areas for 10-30 seconds using cotton puffs. Then wipe off gently.

I was able to use the primer and the makeup remover. They are of good quality in my opinion. There were tiny sparkles when I applied the By Flower Primer, but it is unnoticeable when you top it off with foundation or powder. The makeup remover has a bit of a minty smell, so remember to use only a small amount because it might get into your eyes, and it might sting! (I know because, it stung my eyes the first time I used it. *major fail*)

I haven’t used the Makeup base yet, because I found out that I picked the wrong shade. The Pink Makeup Base is for Yellowish & Dull skin tone. Green Makeup Base is for Red, Pink & Dull skin tone. I don’t have redness, pink, but maybe dull skin tone. I should’ve picked the Pink Makeup Base instead. The Sales Associate didn’t tell me so. Maybe, she is not yet familiar with all their products. I will still test it out sometime, and maybe, update you on a separate post.

I am satisfied with my purchases from Nature Republic. I have a lot of makeup to use up so I won’t be visiting their store anytime soon, but I will surely come back to check out their other products.

Hope you find this post helpful.

Thanks for reading!

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