Summer Look with a POP!

Hypersharp Eye Liners12

For eyes that shine with the boldest design!

Yes, that’s the tag line, and it is true!

Bright, Bold, and Colorful makeup and clothes are the trends this summer. An eyeliner at the Maybelline counter caught my eye, and I have to grab it. It is the HYPERGLOSSY RUNWAY POP LIQUID LINER in Turquoise Blue.

Why You’ll Love It

– Intense Color with high shine finish
– Easy to apply. Gives complete control for sleek or think bold line
– 24HR wear. Smudge proof formula
– Bright POP Colors

Source: Maybelline

It comes in 3 Shades: Turquoise Blue, Khaki Green, and Orange Tangerine.

I first put on a neutral eyeshadow, put a black eyeliner near my upper lash line, and then put the Turquoise Blue eyeliner just above it. You can optionally put on a similar turquoise shade of eyeshadow on top of this eyeliner for long lasting wear.

Below are two pictures I took from my iPad mini.



I love it!

What do you think about my look? Are you in for a bright eyeliner? Let me know!

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