Why I can’t watch 3D movies in Theaters

It is kind of a weird title for a blog full of beauty products right? Well, I just want to share a part of me that a lot of you don’t know, or may already do!

I love watching movies with my fiancé, Fritz. (I am getting married in less than a month!Hihi). Almost every Saturday, we buy tickets for the first showing of the latest movie that we want to watch. There are two types of movies, 2D & 3D. Most of the best movies are shown in 3D, especially the action-packed ones. BUT, I CAN’T WATCH 3D MOVIES! Why? Read on…

I had a happy childhood. We lived in a small house in Makati, and I was always found in the streets playing with neighborhood kids. I lived a normal life. When I reached 3rd grade, we moved to the province of Rizal. I was so excited to live in a new house. It is way bigger than our old house! We had to transfer to a new school and so we made new friends.

Fast-forward to 5th grade. While my family was eating in the dining area, I finished first and sat on the sofa. I don’t know what had gotten into me, because I tried to put my hand over my left eye, and realized, I can’t see using my right eye! It was so weird! I asked my parents, “Why can’t I see using my right eye?!” They did not have any clue.

My mom accompanied me to an ophthalmologist recommended by my aunt. He is Dr. Yuchengco. I will never forget him. He was my only eye-doctor. He told us that I have a congenital eye disease, and he found a scar on my optic nerve. (The optic nerve, also known as cranial nerve, transmits visual information from the retina to the brain. –Wikipedia). That is the reason why my right eye can’t see! I was told to wear eyeglasses since then. It is not because it will make my eyes clearer, but I have to protect my good left eye from injury. If my left eye gets damaged, I can no longer watch movies anymore. L

My mom and I made frequent visits to my doctor, and he would give us medicine for my eyes. He said it will make the scar smaller, and was hoping that it will magically disappear. I can’t have eye surgery, because the optic nerve is connected to my brain, and it can’t be removed.

After many years of going back to my doctor, I made little progress. I was able to see dark shadows, and it is not as bad as before. But, then, I think I heard my doctor say, I will never have my eyesight back to perfect condition. It broke my heart. My eye is irreparable. I have to wear eyeglasses for the rest of my life. I have to rely on my good left eye for life.

I guess most people know that I have a lazy eye. That is because of my right eye not being able to focus well, so it acts on its own. If you ask me, if only a surgery can fix it, I will do it. It is hard having this kind of situation, and sometimes, it makes it difficult to deal with other people. Imagine some people thinking I am not looking at them, when I AM LOOKING AT THEM! It makes me look weird on pictures if I don’t pose on the right angle as well. It has been a scar on my self-esteem as well. I wanted to be a newscaster before, but then, how will I be able to look straight in the camera, when my eye don’t want to!

I also want to make YouTube videos, but so afraid to get judged. Who knows, maybe I will do it soon!

Anyway, it is something that I can’t change, and have to live with for the rest of my life. On a lighter note, I am happy that I am not blind. I can still see how beautiful the world is, and I am happy because I am surrounded by people who are supportive and do not treat me differently.

I DID WATCH A 3D MOVIE with my friends before, but they did not know that I only saw Red, weird pictures because the Blue side of the 3D glass won’t work for me.

My fiancé is so sweet, because one time, we bought a movie ticket that is 3D, but only realized it too late. He went back to the counter and had it switched to a 2D ticket. J

I know he wants to watch 3D movies as well, and it is me that prevents him from doing so. But I love that he doesn’t mind passing that up. I love him.

So that’s the end of my story.

Do you have a little secret to share about yourself? Feel free to tell!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Some new things I posted on my Instagram (Follow Me!) 🙂

Me wearing an awesome lipstick! :)

Me wearing an awesome lipstick! 🙂

My motto in Life! Haha! :D

My motto in Life! Haha! 😀

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