The Misadventures of Impulse Buying

*grabbed from Google*

*grabbed from Google*

The other day was crazy. I did not really intend to buy anything from The Body Shop but wasn’t able to resist the temptation caused by the awesome goodies inside their store!

After browsing around, my eyes caught the Lip Butters set inside of a heart-shaped tin can. I remembered the much raved about Nivea Lip Butters instantly and I thought I want to give it a try. Since it is “The Body Shop”, I thought it was worth the buck. So, I asked the Sales Assistant if they sell in individually since I don’t really want to buy all three. (or I am just being cheap? Hihi. You will know why, read on…)

I did not go to the side near the entrance. I just went inside and continued to browse. I picked up a soap, and it is from the Chocomania range.

*grabbed from Google*

*grabbed from Google*

This soap was instantly on my basket because I find that vanilla or similar sweet scents helps me feel more relaxed when I shower before I go to sleep.

Then, the SA said it was 10% off, and I could pick up another if I want. Before I decided to pick up another soap, I saw the Chocomania Lip Butter individually displayed with the other Born Lippy range. I asked what the price is, and she said it was Php25o something. So I said, I will buy it.




I love the smell and texture of the lip butter. It is worth the penny. It smells really good, and does not dry my lips. You should get it! 🙂

Something crazy happened after…

I went to the cashier to pay and took out Php500 from my wallet. The soap costs Php295 and 10% off, and the Lip Butter, I thought was about Php250 something with 10% as well, so my bill will not exceed Php500. I was wrong! The bill was Php621! I got confused but took out more money from my wallet. Know what? I freaked out a bit because the only bills left inside my wallet were exactly Php620 and some coins. Thank God it was enough!

The reason why I don’t bring a lot of cash, ATM and credit cards is my sister Dre and a co-worker. They got mugged while on their way to work. I am so scared.

Thank God that I was with my fiance, or else, I won’t be able to eat and go home. LOL! Moral of the story? Make sure you know the exact price of what you are buying, and… stop impulse buys! 🙂

I hope you got amused of my whole haul experience.

Come back for more of my makeup and life adventures.

Stay Gorgeous!

3 thoughts on “The Misadventures of Impulse Buying

  1. I did the same exact thing as you before! I walked into the body shop…saw a lovely heart shaped tin with a body scrub, body wash, lip butter, and lotion in it! Of course I had to get it…I had to! Chocomania smells divine! ❤

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