Shiseido Eyelash Curler


For years, I have been using one eyelash curler and it was the one from Watsons. It only costs about a hundred pesos, if I recall it correctly. It is sturdy enough and it serves its purpose of making my eyelashes curled before I put my mascara on, however, it sometimes pinches my eyelids, if I am careless while using it.

Shiseido Eyelash Curler is my very first product from this brand. It retails for Php 1,300 ($30) here but I got mine from Digital Traincase for only Php 890. I would think this is way cheaper in Japan, but I can’t go there, and I want to get it asap. Haha!



It comes with one replacement pad.

From Sephora:

With just one squeeze, you will instantly glamour-eyes your lashes with this new and improved curler from Shiseido. The broad curve curls lashes from the inner to the outer corner, and the edge-free design prevents pinching.

As its promise, it will not pinch the eyelids, and I agree! I tried using it once and was impressed. It can curl my lashes in just one go. It can hold up all my eyelashes at once. Look!



Finally, my complete look. Hello Shiny Face! I don’t have any mascara on this picture.


What is your favorite eyelash curler? Do Share!



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