Snoe Beauty Haul!

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Snoe Beauty Inc. is a local cosmetics company established in February 2010.

Their brand identity:

  • Stylish and high-end cosmetics that deliver beauty and value for money.
  • We believe in individuality and we create products that will cater and benefit all.
  • We believe that every woman deserves the best.
  • We believe that everyone can reach their fullest potential.

Source: Snoe Beauty Inc. website

They offer a lot of products, for health and beauty. I have read different reviews about their products so I went to their online shopping website to get some good stuff. I got the following items:


Magic Apple Whitening S-Rub, Price: ₱179.00


Vanilla Bean & Butterscotch Scrumptious Body Spritz, & Scrumptious Body Spritz Cotton Candy Body Spritz, Price:  ₱249.00 each.


Hair Heroes with Intense Argan Oil, Price: ₱499.00



I am excited to try the Hair Heroes because I have damaged hair due to chemical treatments.

From Snoe website: This cleansing conditioner replaces shampoo, conditioner, deep conditionerde-tangler, leave-on conditioner, and even shaving cream. For all hair types, 5-in-one is formulated to add moisture without weighing hair down. It effectively cleanses & hydrates hair without stripping or robbing it of its natural nutrients and oils. It has astonishing healing, conditioning, and anti-aging properties to keep your hair nourished and revitalized, to keep you looking beautiful. LOTS of goodness in a bottle! Woot!

The Body Spritzes smell so good! Both scents I chose are like candy. I wanted sweet scents because it makes me feel relaxed when I smell them. I am a sweet-tooth too, so I want everything sweet! 😛

The Whitening s-rub intrigues me. It says it can remove dead skin cells to any parts of the body with dry skin like your elbows, knees, face etc. I am curious if it is as good as the Cure Natural Aqua Gel that does the same thing. This one is way cheaper, so it is a great alternative. I will try to post a separate review soon! 🙂

Oh, and by the way, I got a free gift!


The gift includes 6 pieces of their black soap meant to whiten the dark areas of the skin. Hmmm, let’s see if it will work for me. 🙂

Do you have any Snoe Beauty products? Do you like them? Share!

Thanks for dropping by again, and hope you liked this haul post!

Stay Gorgeous!



6 thoughts on “Snoe Beauty Haul!

    • I got scared after applying it on my nose because it kind of heats or maybe because it has mint to it, but it goes away after a while. I also put it on my chin, and my feet. I believe it really helps remove dead skin cells because after I rubbed it off, skin felt so smooth. 🙂

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