First Lipstick from MAC!

I never thought I will be able to own a Mac product. Not that I can’t afford to buy, but it is kind of expensive to buy them here in the Philippines. If a lipstick costs $15 in the U.S., it is about $23 up in here. I also have a lot of lipsticks collected over the years, and drugstore lipsticks are ok with me.

Anyway, my dear friend, Mela, gave me my first lipstick on my bridal shower last June. This post is kinda late, I know, but I want to show it to you anyway. She gave me MAC Till Tomorrow, a Pro Longwear Lipcreme.

From MAC,  Pro Longwear Lipcreme has a lightweight texture, creamy finish and comfortable longwear combine in this has-it-all pro-class lip colour. Slick in use, applies without need of a top coat…

Let’s take a look!

MAC TilTom3The packaging is just a flat top, rounded tube. It is shiny black and has the MAC Logo.

The color looks like this:

MAC TilTom2

It looks dark on the tube, but, for me it is MLBB. (My Lips but Better)

Here it is on my lips when applied:

MAC TilTom1

I love the shade and the longevity of this lipstick, but I think before applying this, I need to exfoliate and moisturize my lips a bit because it dries my lips after some time.

I got another lipstick from MAC. Stay tuned on my future post about it. 🙂

Hope you like this post, and have a happy hump day!

Stay Gorgeous!


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