Perfect Face Brightener from Missha!

Photo 8-25-13, 2 10 42 PM

My face is pretty much yellow-toned, and it has uneven skin color. I picked up this Missha The Style Silky Soft Base in Pink so that I can apply this first before applying my foundation to make it last longer. I bought this product on impulse again because it was on sale, from 499 to 199, if I recall correctly. 🙂

There are three shades: Green, Purple & Pink. Green is used if you have redness, Pink as a brightener, and Purple to hide veins. They are also called color correctors. If you are familiar with the color wheel, you will get the idea, like how one color cancels the other. 🙂

More info below:

Photo 8-25-13, 2 15 40 PM

Photo 8-25-13, 2 15 18 PM

It has a tube-type packaging and it can dispense a lot of product, if you are not careful. It is hygienic because you do not have to dip in to get the product.

Photo 8-25-13, 2 15 59 PM

Swatched and Blended

Photo 8-25-13, 2 09 13 PM

With (left) and Without (right)

Blended all over

Blended all over

I love that this product dries matte on my face because I have combination to oily skin. I believe it really made my foundation last longer, and it really INSTANTLY brightened my face! I am so happy that I got this base. I want to call it an underdog product because I do not see a lot of reviews about it, but trust me, it is worth trying out!

Here’s a comparison:

Half & Half

Here is my face, cleansed and moisturized, with the pink base on:

Photo 8-25-13, 2 02 03 PM

It really made my face brighter, and cancelled too much yellow on my skin. It also made my pores appear smaller! AMAZING!

Photo 8-25-13, 2 51 29 PM

I did not wear a foundation over it, just my Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder. My face really looked so flawless here. LOL!

Have you tried this product yet? Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoyed reading!

Stay Gorgeous! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Perfect Face Brightener from Missha!

  1. I love Missha, they have great quality make up but they are cheap at the same time. I used to buy this foundation a lot when we had Missha back then.

    • I have the M Signature BB Cream, and this, and I love them both. It is kind of sad that they actually sell it at a higher price here in the Philippines, double or triple the original price. But sometimes, I take advantage of sale! 🙂

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