Human (heart) Nature 100% Natural Mineral Blush

I have been a fan of Human heart Nature after I tried using their Sunflower Beauty Oil. One purchase lead to another, and I won’t let their mineral makeup line pass me by! 🙂

My initial purchase from the makeup line was the 100% Mineral Face Powder, and then the 100% Natural Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundationboth I truly loved!

The most recent purchase includes both skin care items, and these two blushes that I will show you. They are now on sale for Php 195 ($4) each! Let me give you more information about these 100% Natural Mineral Blush taken from their website.

Product Description

This lightweight, sheer mineral blush has Vitamin E antioxidants for healthy skin. Its silky texture glides on smoothly and doesn’t wear off easily, giving you a healthy-looking glow from morning till night.

Available in 4 shades:
Rosy Cheeks
Pink Quartz
Petal Bloom
Tropical Rose

The shades that I got were Rosy Cheeks and Pink Quartz.



Rosy Cheeks is matte, and is more pigmented than Pink Quartz.


Pink Quartz has some shimmer, almost like a blush and a highlight in one!


I like them both, but when I had my husband choose between the two, he chose Pink Quartz. Maybe because I applied Rosy Cheeks too much. Hehe. 😛

The swatches:



When applied on my cheeks:

Rosy Cheeks

Rosy Cheeks

Pink Quartz

Pink Quartz

Overall, I like these blushes but they can be a bit chalky. I think it’s because they are pressed mineral powders. Correct me if I am wrong. 🙂

I like the Rosy Cheeks more because it shows on my medium skin tone. Pink Quartz is very flattering for pale skin. You do not need to use a highlight for it.

The price is a steal! The powder can last long, but keep in mind that it has an expiration date that is usually shorter than non-mineral makeup.

My Rating? 4-stars

Do you own any Human heart Nature makeup? What is your favorite? 🙂

See you on my next post and Stay Gorgeous!


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