Sampleroom’s #sampleroomgoesyellow #cliniqueyellow Contest

I am one lucky girl! I WON again! 🙂


Just recently, I won a beauty giveaway! I am so happy to share this second giveaway because the prizes are so great! I won an Instax Mini 8 and a full-size Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +. This costs (P880/50ml and P1,900/125ml).


It was so easy to win. I only reposted this image to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It was really no sweat! 🙂

I love! I signed up for a VIP membership to get 1000 points. This allows me to grab samples from great brands, and writing mini-reviews about them. Visit their website for more information here.


My new Instax Mini 8!



SO cute! 😀


Thank you so much and Clinique Philippines for the opportunity to win these awesome prizes! I am keeping my fingers crossed to win more contests in the future!

May the luck be with all of you, my dear readers!

Stay Gorgeous!!!



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