First Pair of Eyeglasses FREE from Firmoo!

It is TRUE! I got my free pair on the first week of September!


A lot of blogs are raving about getting their first free pair of eyeglasses from Firmoo. I was so hesitant of getting my own pair at first because it is coming from the U.S. and even if I am paying for the shipping fee, I may have to pay customs and duties here in the Philippines. I had a bad experience with customs here. I paid more than the value of what I have bought from Etsy. We are talking about thousands of pesos here! (Corruption at its finest!) Going back… I gave in after knowing that I will just pay Php 50 once it is delivered on my doorstep.

I ordered from their webstore last August 27. I chose the eyeglasses above that is worth $39 (about Php 1734.33). There is an option to get a lens with 1.25 grade, but I chose the frame only because I want to get the lens here. To redeem the promo, I put the code FIRMOOFREE at checkout. I only paid the shipping fee of $18.75 (about Php 833.81). Exactly a week after, I received my package and paid Php 50 for postal fees.

The very first thing I noticed was the quality of the eyeglasses. It is not made of cheap plastic!  It comes with a black hard case, a pouch, and a multi- purpose screw driver. I have been wearing eyeglasses since Grade 5, and I have never received those freebies from any optical stores here in the Philippines. 😛


I encourage you to try this promo. You will definitely love your free eyeglasses, because I do! 🙂

Photo 9-3-13, 10 41 42 PM

Do you like my Firmoo eyeglasses? 😉

Let me know if you got your own pair and how you liked it!

Stay Gorgeous!

P.S. This is not a sponsored post.



One thought on “First Pair of Eyeglasses FREE from Firmoo!

  1. Its a nice pair of glasses you have got, I have considered over this pair when I got to choose a free pair from firmoo too. But I also like the one I have now =)

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