My Husband’s Thoughts On My Makeup Obsession.

*My husband & I

Me and my husband, Fritz during our Engagement Shoot (photo by East Digital Studio)

My husband once told me that I already put on so much makeup when we were about to go home from work. He said that the moment I stepped inside the car, he would see me getting my brushes, and piling on makeup.


I was a Plain Jane when he first met me.

3 years ago...

3 years ago…

Because of the above incident, I toned down a bit. Hihi! I never heard him comment about my makeup anymore, except if I ask him if I look pretty, and he will always say, “YES!” ❤

Let me tell you the history of it all…

When I was in high school, I only cared about putting lip balm. I even preferred the non-tinted ones. I started using loose powder to mattify my face, and It was too late when I realized that it made my face so washed out. In college, I used lipstick to add color to my cheeks. When I started working, my first makeup favorite was The Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Stain. I have been using it for years because it is very long lasting and buildable.

Last year was the time when I started to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with makeup! I want to try everything! I have collected so much. First were concealers, then powders, blushes, lipsticks, makeup brushes. Name it!

NYX blush collection

NYX blush collection

My lip products box!

My lip products box!

I seriously thought I needed a doctor to stop me from buying things, because there was a time that I couldn’t control myself anymore especially when I am surrounded by makeup counters. “I need to buy something”, I thought.

Few of my makeup storage

Few of my makeup storage

After I realized that I was running out of space to put all of my makeup, I decided to control myself. I am still buying here and there, but not as many as before. I need to control my spending, because my credit card bill already leaves me broke.

I also realized that I am not alone. There are a lot of girls who are addicted to makeup, and I started to follow their blogs, and subscribe on their youtube channels.

Makeup is definitely fun to collect. It relieves my stress, and I love how it can enhance my features. I have a crazy dream of being a professional makeup artist, but, it is a dream, for now. I don’t know. Maybe someday…

I’d like to know your makeup obsession history… Comment below!

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

Stay Gorgeous!




5 thoughts on “My Husband’s Thoughts On My Makeup Obsession.

  1. I always love make-up but when I could finally afford it, I have become really obsessed. I feel great when I get or purchase new make-up product, and it never enough especially if you have clients. I love doing makeup not just on mylife but on others, I like making people feel beautiful 🙂

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