Unboxing: Glamourbox Beauty SOS for September 2013


Hello my dear readers! I have subscribed to several subscription boxes lately, and this is the latest one that I received. This is the box for September, and I know I am kind of late in showing you what’s inside but I know a lot of you already know what they are! Let’s start!

Beauty SOS

The theme for September is Beauty SOS. It means the box includes items that can help with our skin troubles. It focused more on skin care items. I still consider myself lucky, because I do not have a lot of skin issues. I only break out usually when the time of the month comes. Though I have morena skin, I am not really bothered by it. As long as my skin is smooth and clear, I am pretty satisfied with it. 🙂

Here are the products that are inside:


VOUCHERS, as always. 😛 I am interested with the VMVHYPOALLERGENICS voucher. I think I can redeem it in December though, because I tried using the Discount Code, but it did not work. Hehe.

The other two vouchers are Soleo Swimwear voucher Php 500 discount, and Anma Lifestyle voucher 10% discount.


Rejuvalash Eyelash Growth Serum, Full Size, 5ml, Php 2,860

This is one of the two products I am most excited about. I am already using this serum everyday to enhance my eyelashes. I am not really that bothered about my eyelashes because they are already thick to begin with, but using mascara often causes some of my eyelashes to fall off.


Kanebo Impress Advanced CT Essence A, 0.4ml, Full size is 40ml, Php 12,000

Whoa! That is a hefty price tag! I am really not sure what to expect from this product. This promises to be an anti-aging serum that targets roughness, dryness, and visible pores. Hopefully, these two sachets will show a difference, because I can’t shell out that amount for a face serum!


Avon Genics Gen-Protect SPF15 Treatment, Full size 30ml, Php 1,299

This facial lotion with SPF ignites skin’s youth power. Undo 10 years from the look of the skin for 8 weeks!

I am excited about this product too. I had a booboo because I tried to pump it on the back of my hand, and it dispensed a lot of product! I think it is going to be lightweight on my skin because it is quite liquid-y in consistency. I will definitely use this soon!

Monolaurin Gel

VMVHYPOALLERGENICS ID Monolaurin Gel, Full Size 170ml, Php 710. (Sample size of 50ml)

This is a face and body gel that treats acne, and prevents over-sweating, leaving the skin cooler and less prone to breakouts. Also ideal for use on bare skin or under make-up to prevent shine and give skin a naturally fresh, matte finish.

 I have yet to try this as a primer, because it promises to mattify the face. I will try it out on my T-zone and see how it fairs. 🙂


Ofra Lipstick, Full size 4g, Php 650

I love red lipsticks, and I have quite a few already in my collection. I was not impressed when I saw the shade that I got, but had totally fallen in love when I applied it on my lips! It is super pigmented, and it glided so smoothly on my lips. I had worn it already and it lasted quite a long time on my lips. Definitely one of my favorites inside this box. Surprised? 😛


Saforelle Gentle Cleansing Care, Full size 100ml, Php 159.75

This is a female intimate wash. I have already used it, and I can say that it is gentle and smells nice. The smell is not strong, and it is not like soaps that lathers and bubbles. It is comparable to my usual intimate wash, Lactacyd.

Those are all that came inside my box. Other products that were received by others are Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Cream (First 150 subscribers only), Kanebo Impress Concentrate Mask 3D, and Laybare Voucher.

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with all the items that I got. This subscription box is Php 595/month ($14), but you will definitely get more than what you have paid for!

If you wish to subscribe to Glamourbox, just click HERE.

Selfie Selfie din pag may time! Hihihi!

Selfie Selfie din pag may time! Hihihi!

Do you like subscribing to Beauty Boxes? What’s your favorite? 🙂

Hope you liked this post, and stay tuned for more!

Stay Gorgeous! :-*



3 thoughts on “Unboxing: Glamourbox Beauty SOS for September 2013

  1. Hi Juvy,

    Was looking for somewhere to get in touch with you but couldn’t find anything. I’m Erica from BECAUSE, the company that brought in The Cream Factory and Saforelle. If you’re game, e-mail me at etolentino@because.com.ph and hopefully before Friday for something exciting. 🙂 Looking forward to it!

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