Top 10 Beauty Items in My Bag (always)!

If you love to be pretty when you go out or work, I am sure that you have beauty must-haves inside your bag! Here’s my top 10, but you know that I have a lot more inside my work drawer. Haha! If you are interested, just scroll down! 🙂

Inside my bag you’ll find:

1. IN2IT waterproof eyebrow colour in 01 eyebrowns – Three powders in one palette! Such a steal!


2. Nichido minerals/precise eye pencil in Hazelnut (for my eyebrows) – This lasts on my eyebrows for a long time. Good quality and inexpensive!


3. NIVEA Essential Care Lip Balm – One of the best clear balms. I am almost done with this tube.


4. Clean & Clear Oil Control Film – This does not take off makeup when I blot. Great quality!


5. Concealer(s) – My review on Skinfood Darkcircle Concealer here!


6. Nude Eyeliner – Rimmel Scandaleyes in Nude or NYX Wonder Pencil in Medium. These items make my eyes appear larger and look more awake. 🙂


7. Comb


8. Lipstick – this changes ALWAYS!


9. Powder – Newest fave: Benefit Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover- up for Face


10. Makeup Brushes – Powder, Blush, and Brow brush.


What do you have in your bag? I would love to see! 🙂


Inspired by 15 Minute Beauty here.

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